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754 TAPES (Adhesive & Non  Adhesive) Data - In Excel Format

754 Companies - TAPES (All Types of Adhesive & Non Adhesive) Products & Materials Data (In Excel Format)

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Get an authentic data set namely Tapes (All Types of Adhesive & Non-Adhesive) Products & Materials consisting data of Indian companies dealing in tapes. The data encompasses information details of 754 Companies in India. The data set can prove very useful for you if you own a business entity where tapes related products and materials are widely used.

This data is offered by 99DataCD- a leading player in this industry. With a couple of decades of experience in offering data for different businesses & industries, we have developed a good process; from procuring & collection data to filter and format etc. After formatting this data in an easy to read, understand and use form, we are offering this to the business people looking for such kind of data.

Our offered data set can prove very fruitful for your business. so, hurry up and purchase this useful data set from a renowned brand in this sector.

Key highlights of the data are:

  • Trade/Industry Coverage: Packaging
  • Number of Companies: 754
  • Area of Coverage: All Over India
  • Category of Companies: Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Distributors, Dealers & Traders Etc.
  • Types of Companies: Small, Medium, Private Limited, Limited and Corporate Houses etc.
  • Data Content: Company's Name, Address, Phone/Mobile Number, E-mail IDs, Website & Product Details etc.
  • Product/ Service Type: All Types of Tapes (Adhesive & Non-Adhesive) Products & Materials Data

All Data is in Excel Format.

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