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Home> 31 Types Data Combo »Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Solar, Power, Energy, Renewable etc. Related Products, equipment, machinery, materials, services etc. (In Excel Format)
31 Types Data Combo »Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Solar, Power, Energy, Renewable etc. Related Products, equipment, machinery, materials, services etc. (In Excel Format)

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31 Types Data Combo »Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Solar, Power, Energy, Renewable etc. Related Products, equipment, machinery, materials, services etc. (In Excel Format)

  1. 14722 Exhibitors of 56 Exhibitions Related to Electrical, Electronics, Power, Solar, Lighting Etc. (Exhibition Wise) - In Excel Format
  2. 49,393 Companies - Electrical Products, Components, Equipments & Materials (Panels, Distribution Boxes, Switchgear, MCB, Transformer, Stabilizer, Coils, Connectors, Pins, Switches, UPS, Cable, Wire, Earthing, Power Plants, Brass, Electrodes, Clamps, Bushing Etc.) Data - In Excel Format
  3. 25,762 Companies - Electronics Components (All Types Of Capacitors, Sensors, Resistors, Chokes, Power Inductor, RF Passive, Thermistor, Load Cell, Transducers, Heat Sinks, Transistor, Integrated Circuits, Diode, Micro Controller, IC, Rectifiers, Amplifier - In Excel Format
  4. 2,111 Electrical Contractors (All India - All Types) Data - - In Excel Format
  5. 4,601 Companies - Switchgears, Circuit Breakers, MCB, RCCB, MCCB, Fuses, Changeover Switches, Distribution Boxes, Earthing Etc. PRoducts, Materials & Fittings Data - In Excel Format
  6. 1,448 Companies - PCB Circuits, PCB Modules, PCB Assembly, Circuit Boards, PCB Components, PCB Machines Data - In Excel Format
  7. 3,642 Companies - Relays, Contactors, Diodes, Connectors, Resistors, Controllers Products & Spare Parts (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  8. 38,476 Companies - Led, Lighting, Luminaries Products, Fixtures & Fittings Data - In Excel Format
  9. 8623 Companies Related to Solar, Energy, Renewable Energy Products, Materials, Equipments Etc. Data - In Excel Format
  10. 7,492 Companies - E-Vehicles & Automotive (All Types Batteries, Battery Chargers, Charging Stations Charging Devices & Kits For Two / Three / Four Wheelers) Data - In Excel Format
  11. 1186 Companies - Electric Vehicles Parts, Kits & Accessories Data (Motors, Conversion Kits, Controllers, Brakes, Lights, Shockers, Meter Etc.) - In Excel Format
  12. 1072 Companies - Electric Vehicles Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Dealers & Distributors (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  13. 17,108 Companies - Cables & Wires Products, Materials & Machineries (All Types of House Wire, Armoured Cable, Power Cable, SS Wire, Control Cable, Computer Cable, Aluminium Cable, Submersible Cable, Industrial Wires, Copper Wires, Multicore Cable, Insulated Cable, Thermocouple Cable, Flexible Cable, Solar Cable, Single Cable, Electronics Cable, Steel Wire, Metal Wire, Winding Wire, Cable Accessories, Cable Ties, Cable Gland, Cable Joining Kits, Wiring Harness, Core Wire Etc.) Data - In Excel Format
  14. 5,192 Companies - Electrical Panels, Control Panels, Distribution Boxes, Busbars, Junction Boxes Products, Materials & Accessories Data - In Excel Format
  15. 1968 Companies - Electrical Coils, Clamps, Pins, Cores, Connectors, Bushing, Terminals, Clips, Anodes Etc. (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  16. 3,540 Companies - Electrical Home & Kitchen Appliances (Juicer Mixer, Grinder, Microwaves, Oven, Toaster, Irons, Kettles, Chimney, Induction Cooker, Dishwasher, Air Purifier, Food Processor Machine, Grill Machines, Blendders, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Pizza Maker, Roti Maker Etc.) Products, Spares & Materials (All Types) Data - In Excel Format
  17. 5,429 Companies - Transformers & Parts (All Types of Distribution, Power, Oil Filled, Voltage, Isolation, Auto, Industrial, Testing, Current Transformers & Their Parts) Data - In Excel Format
  18. 8,629 Companies - Fans, Coolers, Blowers, Air Conditioners, Humidifiers, Air Ventilators, Cooling Towers, Compressor & Motors Etc. (All Types) Products, Materials, Spares & Fittings Data - In Excel Format
  19. 5,621 Companies - Electric Motors, Motor Components, Winding & Parts (All Types of Motors, Industrial Motors, Servo Motors, DC Motors, AC Motors, Gear Motors, Induction Motors, Armature, Carbon Brush, Housing, Starters Etc.) Data - In Excel Format
  20. 4,594 Companies - Power Adapters, Switches, Plugs, Extension Cords (All Types) Data - In Excel Format
  21. 4302 Companies - Electrical Switches, Switchboards, Switch Boxes (All Types Of Modular, Push Button, Industrial, Pressure, Electro Mechanical, Rotary, Limit, Timer, Level, Safety, Magnetic, Toggle Control Etc.) Data - In Excel Format
  22. 9,192 Companies - Power Supply, UPS, Inverters, Converters, Voltage Stabilizers (All Types) Data - In Excel Format
  23. 4,085 Companies - Power Plants, Generators, Turbines, Alternators & Spares Data - In Excel Format
  24. 6,384 Companies - Testing, Measuring, Laboratory Instruments, Equipments, Devices (All Type of Meters, Testers, Scanners, Data Loggers, Counters, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Counting Machines, Rheostats, Analyzers, Detectors, Indicators Etc.) Data - In Excel Format
  25. 1046 Companies Related To GPS, Navigation, Tracking Systems & Devices Data - In Excel Format
  26. 229 Companies Related To Optical, Laser Instruments & Devices Data - In Excel Format
  27. 4349 Companies - IT Companies (Web, Software, Apps, Pragramming, Developers & Service Providers) Data - In Excel Format
  28. 3,232 Companies - Communication & Telecommunication Equipments, Products & Services Data - In Excel Format
  29. 1141 Companies Of Speakers, Earphones, Headphones, Subwoofers & Accessories Data - In Excel Format
  30. 8669 Companies Of Mobile Phones & Accessories Data (Charger, Memory Cards,Earphones, Cover, Power Bank, USB Data Cable Etc.) - In Excel Format
  31. 34,964 Companies - Retailer / Trader / Dealer - Mobile Phones, Accessories, Computer, Laptop & Gadgets (All India) Data - In Excel Format

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  • Area of Coverage: All India
  • 75% to 85% Accuracy
  • Type Of Companies : Multi National Companies, Co-Operates Companies, LTD/PVT LTD/LLP Companies, Micro, Small & Medium Business Houses And Many More..
  • Types Of Category : Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Suppliers, Traders, Service Providers, Consultants
  • Data Content : Company Name, Address, City, Pin Code, State, Landline No., Mobile Number, E-mail Ids, Website, Products/Services Details
  • Format Of Data : Microsoft Excel
  • Sources of our data : From Various B2B Portals, Industrial Directories, Exhibitions Exhibitors, Exhibitions Visitors and many more sources.
  • How To Use Data : Bulk SMS Marketing, Bulk E-Mail Marketing, Tele Marketing, To Increase Your Branding, Publicity Etc., To Generate Leads For Your Sales, To Get Fresh Vendors Enquiries, To Generate New Dealers/Distributors Enquiries In New Areas etc.
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