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73,000 All Types of Machinery  (All India) Data - In Excel Format

73,000 Companies - All Types Of Machinery Data (In Excel Format)

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Automation is the changing face of business and industry today. It facilitates the up gradation of Machinery, Tools and Engineering Technology. Keeping in mind, the role and importance of Automation in Machine Tools and Engineering Industry, 99 Data CD.Com has come out with a Business Data, Titled Machinery Data . Our Data  provides comprehensive business data information about 73,000 companies All Types Machinery, giving due coverage of Indian Importers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Traders, Suppliers, and its Allied Service Providers.
Our Business Data - Machinery Data provide authentic, comprehensive business data for the business and industry people and thereby offer huge business opportunities, to boost their business and industry. Our Authentic business data is generated through the feedback of our All India Marketing Network. The other source of our data is collected through our large scale participation in various exhibitions held all over India and various other authentic sources.
Salient Features of our:

  • Trsde/Industry Coverage:All Types of Machinery
  • Number of Companies: 73,000
  • Area Coverage: All Over India
  • Category of Companies:  Importer, Manufacturers, Dealers, Traders, Suppliers and service Providers.
  • Types of Companies:Small, Medium, Private Limited, Limited and Corporate Houses etc
  • Data Content:  Company Name, Address, Phone, Mobile, E-mail, Website and Product Details etc.
  • Product/ Service/ Types: Machinery, Tools and Automation.

All Data is in Excel Format

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