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Mobile Phones & Accessories Data 2018

2,403 Companies - Mobile Phones & Accessories Phone Charger, USB, Battery, Mobile Cover, Memory Card, Power Bank, Etc. Data 2018

Mobile Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives and we have become very dependent on it. These days, apart from calling, mobile phones are used for performing a wide range of different important tasks not only for pleasure but also commercial as well such as checking e-mails, attending video-conferencing, managing small-scale sales business, etc.
It needs some other supporting accessories that ensure the mobile phones to work fluently, these accessories are Phone Charger, USB, Battery, Mobile Cover, Memory Card, Power Bank, etc. In lack of some of these accessories, mobile phones can misbehave. Having so much importance of these accessories, 99DataCD.Com is presenting a very important Data which comprises genuine data of Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Suppliers, Dealers, Traders, Agents & Distributors dealing in Mobile related Accessories.
This Data consists data of 2,403 Indian Companies. The business data compiled in our Data is comprehensive and authentic. The reason is simple, it is sourced from the feedback of our All India Marketing Network, collected through our Large Scale participation in exhibitions held in India and abroad and also sourced from various authentic sources of information.
Salient Features of our :

  • Trade / Industry  Coverage: Mobile Phones & Accessories
  • Number of Companies: 2,403
  • Area of Coverage: Cable & Wire (All Type)
  • Category of Companies: Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Traders, Suppliers, Distributors, Dealers and Service Providers,
  • Types of Companies: Medium, Pvt. Ltd, Ltd Companies and Corporate Houses
  • Data Content: Name of the Company, Address of the Company, Mobile/ Land Line Phone Numbers,  E- mail and Website ID and Product/service Detail
  •  Product/Service Types: Mobile Phones & Accessories, Phone Charger, USB, Battery, Mobile Cover, Memory Card, Power Bank, Etc.

All Data is in Excel Format

Mobile Phones & Accessories Data 2018
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