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1,179 Companies - Pet Bottles, Jars and Preforms, Products & Raw Materials Data 2018 (In Excel Format)

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99DataCD is presenting another important set of data namely PET Bottles, Jars and Preforms, Products & Raw Materials Data. As its name implies, the data is disclosed to the business people related to Plastic Industry.

As these days, the demand for PET Sheet Products is increasing, therefore, it can be profitable move to invest in this industry. We are offering this data with a vision to benefit people who are engaged or willing to get involved in this industry.

The data consists information of 1,179 Companies (Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers & Agents) related to PET(a kind of Plastic) Industry. The Companies’ information encompasses Company’s Name, Address, Phone/Mobile Number, E-mail IDs, Website & Product Details. With the help of this information, one can contact the listed business entity easily and can associate with that business.

We are a leading player in this domain thus committed to offering a broad range of Business & Industrial data for various industries. Many past years of experience assists us in offering data for different industries efficiently. Actually, we have a sprawling business network which is backbone of our data procurement. Apart from, our participation in various well-known national & international Exhibitions enables us in collecting data too. Furthermore, we have some other sources of our data collection as well. In a nutshell, 99DataBank is a one-stop store for all your Industrial & Business data need.

Salient Features of Our Data:

  • Trade/ Industry Coverage: PET Bottles, Jar & Preforms
  • Number of Companies: 1,179
  • Area of Coverage: All Over India
  • Categories of Companies: Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers & Traders etc.
  • Types of Companies:Small, Medium, Private Limited, Limited and Corporate Houses etc.
  • Data Content: Company Name, Address, Phone, Mobile, E-mail, Website and Product Details etc.
  • Products/Services Type: PET Bottles, Jars and Preforms, Products & Raw Materials Data

All Data is in Excel Format

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