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Handicraft Products & Accessories All India All Types Data 2017

11,654 Companies Handicraft Products & Accessories - Exporters, Manufacturers, Dealers, Traders, Suppliers Data 2017

Traditionally, India have been known as the main centre of Handicraft and Art since the time immemorial. We have very dexterous artisans who are produce artwork that catch the attention and imagination of lovers of handicraft and art. To further popularize the handicraft and art works of India, 99datacd is making a sincere efforts to introduce to you the Handicraft and art products, machinery, materials and services. The data contains the information about the manufacturers, dealers, exporters, importers of Handicraft and art. It consist information about more than 11,654 companies.

Salient Features Of this data:

  • Trade/ Industry Coverage : Handicraft Industry Related Products & Materials
  • Number of Companies : 11,654
  • Category of Companies : Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Distributors, Trader, Suppliers, etc.
  • Type of the companies : Medium, Pvt Ltd, Ltd, Corporate Houses, Multinational Companies, etc.
  • Data Content : Company Name, Address, Mobile/ Landline Phone, E-mail and Website, Product Details
  • Products / Service Type : All Types of Handicraft and Art work machines, equipments and other products
Handicraft Products & Accessories All India All Types Data 2017
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