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Gears, Gearbox, Axles, Sprockets, Shafts & Gear Parts


Find the authentic and genuine Industrial Data here at 99Datacd.com. Being a leader in this realm, we are capable of bringing forth a wide range of Industrial & Business data to benefit the Industry People.

Here, we are offering Gears, Gearbox, Axles, Sprockets, Shafts & Gear Parts, Etc. Data 2018 of 3,521 Companies. The profile of these companies include Manufacturers, Exporters, Dealers, Importers, Buyers, Traders, Suppliers, Distributors & Agents of Automobile Industry.

The data consists Contact Information (Company’s Name, Address, Phone/Mobile Number, E-mail IDs, Website & Product Details) of these companies. The data is very useful for the business people from this industry as they can create a business network by using this data range.

Our data is authentic as we procure these data from trusted sources such as by participating in various reputed Exhibitions held in India or Abroad & with the help of our nationwide spread network of business. Further, we have some more sources of data procurement as well.

The Price range of our data is totally economical and fits most of the business people’s budget.

The Salient Features of our Data are as under:

  1. Trade/ Industry Coverage: Automobile Industry
  2. Number of Companies: 3,521 companies
  3. Area of Coverage: All Over India
  4. Categories of Companies: Manufacturers, Dealers, Traders, Importers, Suppliers and Service Providers etc.
  5. Types of Companies:Medium, Pvt. Ltd Companies, Ltd Companies and Corporate Houses
  6. Data Content: Company\\\\\\\'s Name, Address, Phone/ Mobile Number, Fax, E-mail IDs, Website and Products Details etc.
  7. Product/Service Type:Gears, Gearbox, Axles, Sprockets, Shafts & Gear Parts, etc.

All Data is in Excel Format.

Gears, Gearbox, Axles, Sprockets, Shafts & Gear Parts
We Provide Data Through Link or CD
Price: Rs. 1000